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About Us

I-AMG Ltd. was founded by an established management team who felt there was a need for a different type of company focused approach based around speed, core values and a higher level of service.

We are a British Owned group, with clients in over 100 countries, investing monthly or as a lump sum. We have members of staff from the United Kingdom, Italy, South Africa, Portugal, China, Bulgaria, South Korea, the United States Canada and the Philippines. In addition to our offerings and services, what truly sets us apart is our approach. Time is money for you, and us. We don’t believe in formalities, jargon or wasting time. By utilizing new technologies, we can set up policies and process withdrawals and top ups within 24-72 hours.

We can also save you money. The traditional approach in financial services is to have numerous flashy offices and other unneeded expenses. That indirectly comes at a price to the client. By being more efficient and focusing on online methods, we charge reasonable percentage fees to accounts. That means if you make more money, we also make more money. By aligning the interests of our clients and our people, we are able to place the customers’ interests above all others, so there is a shared interest.

We always strive for excellence when it comes to our clients’ investments. To this end, we have a stringent internal compliance process which ensures our procedures are independently monitored and reviewed on a regular basis.

Our Senior People
Adam Fayed – Director/Regional Manager Asia-Pacific
After leaving the UK eight years ago I have been in the financial services industry, this has been in varying roles and many countries in Asia and beyond. Started International AMG Ltd to save clients time and money by utilizing new technologies.

Aidan J. Flaherty – Director/Regional Manager Eastern Europe
After starting my career in the City of London in the late 90’s, back in 2003 I had the opportunity to move into international wealth management, this gave me the chance to live all over the world, having the opportunity now to start International AMG Ltd and really help people is a true blessing. We want to make this the number one company for expats around the world, giving them the very best advice that suits their needs. 


Jamie Tunstall – Regional Manager Central & South America

With over 20 years of experience, I give trusted and qualified financial advice to expats in Latin America.

Consultants and Managers

Neill Roynon - A South Africa national, Neill has been in the financial services industry for about 30 years.

Alex Moretti - Originally from Italy, Alex has been based in Eastern Europe for the last 10 years,
and is specialized in business development and account management.

William Saale - Our representative in Japan, William is actually a client of International AMG. He was so impressed, that he decided he wanted to retrain and represent us in the Japanese-market.

James William Portman - James has spent over 13 years in both the UK and abroad advising expats on properties and investments.

Back Office and Business Development Team
The senior team is supported by an extensive back office system and general staff body.

Ottice Sibiya - from South Africa, and with international experience, Ottice is representative officer for International AMG for the Africa region.

Judith Lawlor - from the UK, Judith has previously worked for British advisory firms in Singapore.

Joe Clark - after graduating from university, Joe has spent time in Europe, including Barcelona, in business development and account management.

Sarah Smith - coming from a compliance and legal background, Sarah has overseas and UK based experienced. She is head of compliance and legal at International AMG.

Alison Root - a Canadian national, Alison is based in South America

Cameron Davey - Cameron is a Brit, who has been living and working in Thailand for over 5 years

Michael Davies - Michael has been living and working in the Latin American region for over 4 years

Bernard Silva - coming from Portugal, Bernard has lived in the UK, Thailand and Singapore
United Kingdom:
Hong Kong:

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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